WATCH: Homeless Man Turns NYC Whole Foods Buffet into Feeding Trough

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New York City, like many other urban areas controlled by Democrats, has been overrun by homeless people and drug addicts.

Sidewalks have been turned into tent cities and back alleys have been turned into public toilets. Dodging piles of human waste and dirty needles has become routine for pedestrians in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As disgusting as that may be, consider what a New York Post staffer  observed inside a Whole Foods located in midtown Manhattan – just a few blocks from Fox News.

Video shows a “pungent” homeless man feeding himself from a food buffet — at times without using utensils – while grocery store staffers watched and laughed.

“H simply dug in with his visibly dirty mitts, grabbing food from the trays and shoving it directly into his mouth, wet with drool and framed by a scraggly beard,” the Post reported. “In the closest thing to a display of personal hygiene from the man, he stopped every now and then to lick his fingers clean.”

Staffers told the Post photo editor that they’ve been told not to interrupt the homeless man as he scarfs down food.

“Oh, he comes here all the time,” said one employee of the freeloader. “We can’t do anything about it, we were told.”

Staffers told the Post they normally toss out the trays of food after the homeless man finishes his meal. But the photo editor pointed out that was not the case.

I’ve actually purchased food from that buffet, folks — and I’m a bit queasy.

It’s bad enough that Whole Foods would allow unsanitary behavior anywhere around the food buffet, but why hasn’t the homeless guy been arrested for theft?

This is why tens of thousands of people are fleeing the insanity of New York City and relocating to more saner places across the fruited plain — and more sanitary, too.

**UPDATE** Critics have accused me of being a bad Christian. They say Whole Foods has a responsibility to feed everyone who comes into their store. I disagree.

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