WATCH: NFL Put Hispanic Kids in Cages During “Born in USA” Halftime Show


The sexually-charged Super Bowl halftime show was also politically charged.

While Jennifer Lopez was writhing on a stripper pole and Shakira was simulating sex acts, a group of Hispanic children were placed in “cages” across the football field.

The children came out of the cages singing “Let’s get loud” followed by “Born in the USA.”

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It was a not so subtle attack on the sovereignty of the United States and those trying to secure our borders.

Fact: Children who are in fact born in the USA have never been put in cages – ever.

Fact: Children who have been brought into this country illegally are separated from the adults who accompanied them for a very important reason. We need to make sure that adult is in fact the child’s parent or relative.

Fact: President Obama instituted the policy of putting the children of illegals in so-called “cages.”

Fact: The producers of that Super Bowl halftime show should be cited with exposing children to inappropriate material.

Fact: Ms. Lopez and Shakira need to put on some clothes — at least a sweater.