WATCH: University of Tehran Students Refuse to Walk on American Flag

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President Trump is standing in solidarity with the Iranian people as they march in the streets against their oppressive government.

“To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring,” Trump wrote in Farsi.

It was the most-liked Persian tweet in the history of Twitter.

The president also issued a stern warning to the leaders of iran: Do not kill your protesters.

“Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Richard Grenell shared video of Iranian protesters at the University of Tehran walking around images of an American flag and an Israeli flag that had been painted on the ground.

A sign of respect, perhaps?

Iranian university students have shown more respect for Old Glory than University of California Berkeley students — and Colin Kaepernick.