WATCH: ‘We’re Marching the Antifa Commie Scum Out of Neighborhood.’


A group of citizens in Fort Collins, Colorado rose up to defend their neighborhood against a gang of Antifa thugs.

Video shows several dozen men literally marching the Antifa thugs out of the neighborhood and away from a nearby birthday party.

“We are currently marching Antifa commie bastards out of the neighborhood,” said one man filming the encounter. “Nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here so we’re marching them out.”

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Some of the local residents had just returned from a “Back the Blue” rally only to find the black-clad Antifa mob prowling their streets.

They were given multiple orders by the residents to leave peacefully.

“As soon as you guys step away from the f***king houses we’re gonna leave,” one brave citizen said. “Get out of here. Go home.”

“Bye, bye commie scum,” another resident said. “You came to the wrong city, boys and girls.”

At some point the incident turned violent — but the impromptu neighborhood watch men were not to be messed with.

“Commie grabbing a knife,” one person could be heard shouting. “Commie grabbing a knife.”

It’s not clear who threw the first punch, but neighborhood watch threw the last.

The encounter in the subdivision starts around the 20 minute mark: