‘WE’RE CALLING IT AN EASTER EGG HUNT!’ Town Defies Anti-Christian Hater

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The annual Easter Egg Hunt in Easton, Pennsylvania turned into a battle of church and state after town official initially caved to a local resident who complained about the word “Easter.”

The word “Easter” had been removed from promotional materials after an unnamed citizen complained about the word’s “religious associations.”

“I think they guy’s got too much time on his hands,” council member David O’Connell told the newspaper.

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The city’s administrator immediately removed the word “to reflect the city’s neutrality on the subject,” Lehigh Valley Live reported.

Dozens of furious citizens called City Hall demanding that the Easter Egg Hunt be called an Easter Egg Hunt.

“It’s an EASTER egg hunt,” one angry resident wrote. “Call it what it is! Shame on you for caving to the one person. If they are offended, they can stay home.”

Said another, “This is ridiculous. I’m not religious, but Easter is Easter and Easter egg hunts are Easter egg hunts. Get over it.”

“Name the whiny citizen who protested so they can be called out for trying to ruin childhoods,” another said. “Caving to one idiot — wow.”

Amid the outcry, the mayor said he consulted with the town’s attorney and decided that there’s really no legal reason why they can’t use the word Easter.

“After discussion with council on Wednesday evening the administration followed up with our attorneys and the word “Easter” will remain in our announcements about the Easter Egg Hunt,” Mayor Sal Panto, Jr. told the newspaper.

Who wants to tell the atheist gadfly that Easter Egg Hunts have nothing to do with the religious nature of Easter Sunday?

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