Whites, Men & Christians Are Guilty of Privilege: Johns Hopkins University

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UPDATE: The university has rescinded the memorandum and apologized.

“The January edition of the monthly newsletter from the Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity used language that contradicts the values of Johns Hopkins as an institution,” they said. “Dr. Sherita Golden, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Chief Diversity Officer, has sincerely acknowledged this mistake and retracted the language used in the message.”

ORIGINAL STORY: If you are a white, heterosexual, college-bound man with working legs you might want to scratch Johns Hopkins University off your list of potential schools.

The university just released a hit list of demographics that are guilty of being privileged. It’s part of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity’s Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.

The university published a “Diversity Word of the Month” and this month that word is “privilege.”

“Privilege is a set of unearned benefits given to people who are in a specific social group,” the university said. “Privilege operates on personal, interpersonal, cultural and institutional levels, and it provides advantages and favors to members of dominant groups at the expense of members of other groups.”

Johns Hopkins said there are specific privileged groups in the United States.

  • White people
  • Able-bodied people
  • Heteorsexuals
  • Cisgender people
  • Males
  • Christians
  • Middle or owning class people
  • Middle-aged people
  • English-speaking people

There’s probably a white Baptist guy out there living in a trailer park working three job to makes ends meet and he’s thinking, “There’s no way I’m privileged.”

Well, Johns Hopkins says otherwise.

“Privilege is characteristically invisible to people who have it,” the university said. “People in dominant groups often believe they have earned the privileges they enjoy or that everyone could have access to these privileges if only they worked to earn them.”

In other words, God made you privileged when you were born white.

“In fact, privileges are unearned and are granted to people in the dominant groups whether they want those privileges or not, and regardless of their stated intent,” the university added.

And that’s a real-world example of Critical Race Theory – the oppressed versus the oppressors.

I’m not sure that’s the message or the dream that inspired Martin Luther King, Jr.

And as one of my astute readers pointed out, the namesake of Johns Hopkins University happened to be a white, Christian, heterosexual male.

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