Wisconsin Adds Gender Neutral Option to Birth Certificates

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Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

Wisconsin birth certificates are going gender neutral. 

Governor Tony Evers announced that Wisconsinites will have a new gender neutral option for identifying the parents of a newborn. 


Traditionally, it takes a mother and a father to have a baby. That’s the way the good Lord intended. 

But in the 21st Century – the radical sex and gender revolutionaries are under the impression that one or the other is irrelevant.

Hence the rise of the term – birthing parent. 

Governor Evers, who happens to be a Democrat, says the modern birth certificates will allow folks to choose from a variety of options. 

You can be an old-school mother and father. Or you can be parent-parent or parent giving birth. 

“We are working hard to make Wisconsin a more inclusive, equitable, and just state and this update ensures our LGBTQ Wisconsinites are seen and heard when welcoming a child into the world,” said DHS Secretary-designee Karen Timberlake. “Updating our birth certificate forms is one important step on the long road to adopting gender-neutral language in all of our external documents.” 

The president of a major Wisconsin hospital celebrated the gender neutral birth certificates – saying they were more inclusive.

“Families have told us that a birth certificate that doesn’t accurately reflect their growing family can take away a piece of the joy when welcoming a new baby,” said Sue Erickson, President and CEO at UnityPoint Health-Meriter. “We are so pleased that Wisconsin created a more inclusive birth certificate form to reflect the families of our state and community. This change allows all birthing parents to focus solely on their newborn.”

Try as they might – the radical sex and gender crowd still can’t undo one God-ordained, irrefutable truth: it still takes a mommy and a daddy to make a baby.  

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