Wisconsin Cops Shut Down Youth Baseball Practice


Nothing says America like mom, apple pie and baseball, as the saying goes. But these days the leftists are fundamentally transforming our nation into a really ugly place.

They have shut down our business and closed our churches. They have punished shop keepers and moms who let their kids play outside.

You can’t sun tan on the beach or plant a crop of butter beans. And many of our fellow countrymen must wear face coverings – much like in Middle Eastern countries.

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Now comes word from Appleton, Wisconsin that even America’s favorite past time is forbidden.

Police were captured on video shutting down baseball practice because of the Chinese virus.

A bunch of young people and their coaches had gathered on a field to play ball — but officers showed up and told them it was against the rules.

“This is Appleton’s police shutting down boy’s baseball,” said a man who posted a livestream of the confrontation on Facebook.

“I have a son, granted he’s two, but I don’t want my son to grow up in this kind of environment,” the man said. “It’s not right.”

So let’s take stock of where we are in this post-pandemic world: you can’t hug your mom, you can’t eat a slice of apple pie in a diner and you can’t play baseball.

That doesn’t sound like America to me.