WOKE: Never Trump Bible Teacher Beth Moore Attacks Mike Huckabee

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Beth Moore, the well-known woke Bible teacher who recently left the Southern Baptist Convention, is under fire for attacking Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee posted a righteous tweet pointing out the hypocrisy of Major League Baseball, Nike, Delta and Coca-Cola.

All four businesses have literally bowed down to the Chinese government and turned a blind eye to the genocide they are committing against religious minorities.

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Meanwhile, those same businesses have declared war on President Trump, Christians, Conservatives and anyone who cherishes free and fair elections.

“I’ve decided to “identify” as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to @MLB games,” Huckabee wrote on Twitter. “Ain’t America great?”

Moore, who is a notorious Never Trumper, condemned the governor on social media.

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“Mike, I’ve shared a meal with you at your beautiful table. I’ve heard you profess Christ as Lord. This is entirely antithetical to the gospel,” she said.

Calling out hypocrisy is not antithetical to the gospel, Mrs. Moore. And for that matter, neither is defending religious liberty or speaking out for religious groups being persecuted for their beliefs.

Huckabee responded with grace.

“I love you & appreciate your ministry. I don’t take Twitter or myself that seriously but I do take gospel seriously,” Huckabee said. I truly wish you only joy & continued blessings. May the power of the resurrection lift you to high places this Easter weekend my dear sister!”

And how narrow-minded of Mrs. Moore to say that a white man cannot identify as a Chinese man. Why, some might even call that bigotry.

This is the 21st Century where every American has their own truth.

You can identify as a bucket of fried chicken and society will say you’re finger lickin’ good.

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