Writer Says Millennials Should Get Married, Stay Married & Start Having Babies

A millennial journalist says it’s time for his generation to get serious about marriage — because society depends on it.

Washington Examiner columnist Jeremiah Poff discussed his latest essay, “Millennials need to save marriage. Society Depends on it,” on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“It is the duty of each generation to improve upon the world that is left to them. We can talk about climate change or ‘promoting a culture of inclusivity’ all we want, but if we truly want to improve our society and our world, we must look to providing the best formation of the generation that succeeds us. We owe it to them and we owe it to ourselves,” Poff wrote.

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Poff cited a Pew Research study that showed millennials are waiting until their late 20’s to get married. And that’s a problem, he said.

“So please millennials, get married and stay married. Have children. Raise them to be upstanding citizens and good contributors to society. Because remember, the very existence and survival of our society depend on it,” he added.

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