VIDEO: Biden Tells Troops: ‘I Keep Forgetting I’m President’

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President Biden made a startling remark while speaking to the military in his first overseas trip in office: “I keep forgetting I’m president.”

The audience at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England laughed as Biden’s cognitive abilities have come into question.

This came moments after First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was speaking and turned around to tell the fully vaccinated, masked commander-in-chief: “Joe, pay attention.”

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes reacted to Biden’s comments Wednesday.

“Biden may not realize he’s president, but the rest of us sure do,” the Todd Starnes Show host said, “and so do all the unemployed Americans, the Americans forced to wear face coverings, and the millions of Americans whose cities have been overrun by Biden’s illegal alien friends.”