Biden Responds to ‘Abolish ICE’ Hecklers At Rally: “I’m Working on It”

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In a “drive-in” rally this week, one heckler shouted for President Biden to close private dentention centers and to “abolish ICE.”

Even leftists are coming after Biden, and the president doesn’t have much patience for that.

“I agree with you,” Biden said. “I’m working on it, man. Give me another five days.”


Did you hear his flustered tone? C’mon, man!

ICE has been attacked from the Left for years, and now Biden is facing a major border crisis his administration basically refuses to acknowledge. Journalists were effectively blocked from going into the facilities at the border.

But clearly the pressure from the media and citizens is starting to get under Biden’s skin as photos of the insane conditions at the border have leaked to the general public.

Even after the administration admitted the surge at the border, Biden now claims everything is fine:

Biden’s empty promises aren’t sitting well with many Democrats, and time will tell if his own party starts to turn on him.