BREAKING: Busloads of Illegals Dropped Off in Knoxville, Tennessee, says Sen. Hagerty

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Busloads of illegal immigrants were dropped off in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) said Wednesday on the Todd Starnes Show.

“One of my friends sent me photos just over this past weekend of busses that came in to Knoxville and unloaded a number of people,” the Republican lawmaker told Starnes.

Following is a rush transcript of the interview. Listen to the entire conversation by clicking here.

TODD: [01:26:10] You mentioned the governor of Tennessee and he’s had a bit of an issue with the Biden administration. We’re talking about Bill Lee, the Republican governor, and he told the Biden administration. Hey, look, we can’t handle these illegal aliens that you’re sending to other states, and instead of, you know, following the governor’s guidance, they sent planes in the dead of night into Chattanooga and who knows where else dropping off these these illegals that now we, the citizens of Tennessee have to pay for.

SEN. HAGERTY: [01:26:41] Todd, we’ve been all over this. Marsha Blackburn and I have been on this from the very beginning. There were four private planes that came in to Chattanooga. That’s what you saw the reports on. They actually had it on film. They came in after 1:00 a.m. A friend of mine was literally on a commercial flight, an American Airlines flight from Dallas into Chattanooga. That flight landed again after 1:00 a.m. He said that he saw a group of young men in sort of the age range he thought was 12 to 14 years of age. He talked to the person who was escorting them. He said the person was bilingual. He was speaking to the to the young men in Spanish, but that he was explaining to him that they were taking these young men to Chattanooga to put them into a shelter there.

We’ve also seen it in Knoxville. One of my friends sent me photos just over this past weekend of busses that came in to Knoxville and unloaded a number of people. He didn’t know who they were, but he said it looked like, again, they sort of fit the description on a Sunday morning showing up at the Civic Center in an area that usually doesn’t have any traffic on Sunday morning. And they’re bringing them into our state, who knows about other states and using it either as a point of dispersal or a place where they’re going to reside. And so we’ve pushed very hard. Local leaders don’t even know. Todd, you know, what’s this going to do for schools? Do we have the capacity to handle this in our schools, our hospitals have capacity or will they be overwhelmed? Law enforcement certainly needs to know what are they dealing with and how many people are coming in here? Nothing from the Biden administration. They’re trying to obfuscate this. They’re trying to hide it. And we’ve got to press back hard.

TODD: [01:28:03] And I’m glad you’re doing that, Senator. And and I know the people in the volunteer state respect that and appreciate that. And you’re just doing a heck of a great job up there. And we appreciate you taking a few minutes to spend time with our national audience.

SEN. HAGERTY: [01:28:16] It’s always great to be with you, Todd. I appreciate the time.

TODD: [01:28:19] All right, Senator Bill Hagerty, ladies and gentlemen, this guy is a fighter and he’s doing what needs to be done out there, which is exposing a lot of this stuff. And he doesn’t know very amenable way. He’s a very gracious man, but he also is a rock solid conservative who has proven himself up on Capitol Hill. And we appreciate that. But again, folks, this border situation, you pay very close attention to the breaking news out of that conversation. We just had apparently busloads of illegals were sent to Knoxville, Tennessee, not just Chattanooga, but now Knoxville, Tennessee. You pay attention to what’s happening in your communities and we want to know about it. If you see that illegals are being dumped off in your towns and communities, let us know.