Colbert Mocks Firefighters with Paw Patrol

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Stephen Colbert used the children’s show, “Paw Patrol,” to mock firefighters refusing to the get the COVID vaccine.

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” host has been a huge advocate for the COVID vaccine the past few months, and he’s made multiple segments on his show condemning “anti-vaxxers.”

The latest skit involves the beloved children’s show from Nickelodeon.

In this skit, Colbert mocks firefighters who are refusing to be forced to get the jab. The firefighter Dalmatian, Marshall, refuses to get his rabies shot, and it doesn’t end well for him.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted to the story in a tweet:

“Leftism is a mental disease: [Stephen Colbert] fantasizes about killing cartoon fire-fighters who choose not to get the COVID vaccine,” Cruz said. “This is sick. From 9/11 heroes to being shot as dogs in the street.”

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