‘F– the Police’: BLM Disrupts Memorial Honoring Fallen Officers

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Black Lives Matter protesters crashed a Wisconsin law enforcement memorial’s moment of silence in a show of disrespect.

The anti-police organizers disrupted a moment of silence with shouting and loud, vulgar rap music.

“Black Lives Matter!” one person yelled. “Murderers! Murderers!”

Another BLM-affiliated protester shouted: “This is a megaphone…not a gun…”

Rap music blared with lyrics like “f– the police” as attendees looked on.


The event was put on to honor officers who died in the line of duty. Six officers had their names added to the memorial earlier this month.

“For the 285 names on the wall, we tell them we will not forget you, we will never forget what you gave up for us and we will never forget everyone gathered here today,”  C.O.P.S. president Jo Ann Mignon told those in attendance, according to WEAU.