Fox’s Jennifer Griffin Defends Biden’s Handling of Russia Catastrophe

Jennifer Griffin, Fox News National Security Correspondent, defended President Biden’s actions following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

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She’s been butting heads with Fox News hosts and guests over the past few days regarding the handling of the overseas conflict by the Biden Administration.

“MediaBuzz” host Howard Kurtz asked Griffin Sunday about a Washington Post story headlined, “Jennifer Griffin keeps fact-checking her Fox News colleagues on Ukraine.”

“My role is no different than it’s been since I joined Fox in 1996 in Moscow,” Griffin said.

“I cover the news,” she added. “I’ve been part of the news division since those beginning days. I’m here to fact-check facts, because I report on facts. And my job is to try and figure out the truth as best as I know it. I share those facts internally so that our network can be more accurate. That’s what I’ve always done. There’s nothing different than what I’ve been doing for the last 26 years working for Fox.”

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Griffin has been touted as a defender of President Biden’s handling of the situation.

Kurtz asked Griffin if it is a “reasonable critique” to blame Trump for not sending troops to the Ukrainian border before fighting began.

“I don’t think so,” Griffin said, adding in part that the Biden administration “began working behind the scenes to come up with a strategic plan that did not end up with NATO, the U.S. and Russia — all nuclear powers — in a war.”


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