McEnany: Contrary to What Kasich Says, Millennials are Excited About Trump

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RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany joined the Todd Starnes Radio Show last week and immediately took issue with Ohio Governor John Kasich saying that the Republican Party was losing millennials.

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“There’s some in the party that look at problems and they’re negative and they’re angry and they’re small. And there’s other people that look at the problems and say, ‘We can fix them,'” the 2016 presidential candidate said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “So instead of losing the future, which is what we’re doing today, turning off millennials,” he said, trailing off.
Kasich went on to say the recent Alabama senate race left the GOP looking “small, angry and narrow.”

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“John Kasich could not be more off base,” McEnany said. “Maybe he needs to get to know a few more millennials.”

“There was more excitement around President Donald Trump [among millennials] than I have seen around a Republican in decades,” she told Starnes.

“I can tell you they’re excited and they’re engaged in a way they haven’t been before.” And while she acknowledged millennials did not “show up in droves” to vote Republican, she said there was “definitely” excitement.

“There was a candidate breaking through this politically correct morass where you feel like you can’t say certain things because you’ll be looked at negatively by your peers.”

She went on to say that this was most especially prevalent on college campuses which she said are engaging in the “criminalization of conservative thought.”

“For the first time ever there’s sort of a boldness on campus,” McEnany said. “Because Donald Trump was willing to speak his mind and say the truth and that emboldened conservatives and conservative students everywhere.”

The former CNN commentator, whose book The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement is due out next month, told the Todd Starnes Show that on college campuses there is “a lot of peer pressure to just be liberal and not accept Trump.”

McEnany expressed hope that the president “[had] the ability to break through that,” noting that the president’s social views are more moderate, while his fiscal views are conservative which is much in line with the millennial generation.

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