Pastor Andy Stanley Rebukes Conservatives Who Call Democrats Evil

The pastor of one of the largest churches in the nation rebuked Conservatives who say that you can’t be a Christian and vote for Democrats. Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

“Political affiliations become the litmus test for orthodoxy,” said Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Church in Atlanta. His comments were first reported by Protestia.

Stanley then commenced to call out Christians who say “you can’t possibly be a true Christian if you’re a Democrat.” He said such a notion was “absolutely absurd.”

“But what’s even more absurd is as conservative Christians, Republicans demonize Democrats, all Democrats, and you can’t possibly be a Christian as they demonize Democrats,” he told the congregation. “They basically go against one of Jesus primary teachings.”

Instead of loving their enemies, Stanley said, the Republicans demonize them.

“They make Democrats the enemy,” he said. And what did Jesus tell us to do with our enemies? Anybody remember? Yeah. So let me just say to those of you who are conservative politically like me. If you do that, stop it.”

Can you be a Christian and a Democrat?

At one point Stanley jumps the shark and compared the behavior of Conservative Christians to Nazis in Germany.

“You can disagree, but you don’t write somebody off as bad and evil. Here’s why you think it’s just I think it’s just kind of funny. You study history. All it has to happen in any country is for a majority to decide a minority is evil. And once they’re evil, they’re cockroaches and they’re rats. And once they’re evil, the only thing to do iwievil. You don’t redeem evil. You don’t, you know, don’t share your faith with evil. You get rid of evil. That language is so extraordinarily harmful.

Andy Stanley

Pastor Stanley seems to relish in taking Conservative Christians to the woodshed during his sermonettes. And yet seems to give far-left Democrats a heaping helping of grace.

Not once did he condemn the Democrats for promoting late-term abortions or gender mutilation surgeries. Not once did he blast Democrats for targeting Catholics.

President Obama once called Conservatives a bunch of bitter people who cling to their guns and their religion. He also told supporters that if Republicans bring a knife to the fight, they should bring a gun.

Hillary Clinton once called Trump supporters a basket of irredeemable deplorables. And President Biden specifically called Christians who embrace traditional marriage as the “dregs of society.”

Why didn’t Pastor Stanley condemn Obama’s rhetoric or Hillary’s or Biden’s?

Perhaps it is Pastor Stanley’s personal political affiliation that has become a litmus test for orthodoxy? We call folks like that “wokevangelicals.” Click here to get my new best-selling book on how to save America from the Marxists.

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