Teachers Union Chief Defends Teaching Critical Race Theory in Schools

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The Teachers Union president is defending using The New York Times’ controversial “1619 Project” with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in classrooms across the nation.

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten told Fox News Monday “from everything I can see and understand from the data that I see, 1619 was the year that the first slave boat came from Africa to the United States. So that’s a point in history that I think we should be teaching.”

When pressed in a heated back-and-forth by host Martha MacCallum, Weingarten said she has had “several conversations” with 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones, adding in part, “I do think that we should be talking about when the slave trade started in a place we now call America.”

But ultimately, Weingarten tried to dodge the question and bring up “misinformation” about the 2020 presidential election.