WATCH: FFA Teens Honor America in Powerful Statehouse Performance

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While most Americans were settling in to watch television Monday night a group of teenagers gathered inside the Missouri state capitol in Jefferson City.

The doors were locked and most of the lights had been dimmed, but the teenagers made their way to what’s known as the Whispering Gallery — high atop the beautiful building’s rotunda.

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The teenagers came from places like Odessa and Fairfax, Perryville and Seneca — all smartly dressed in matching blue corduroy jackets. And at the appointed hour – the young people began singing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

It’s been an annual tradition for lawmakers to give Missouri State FFA officers a moonlight tour of the capitol building. Afterwards, the teenagers would typically gather in the rotunda to sing a few songs of their choosing. And that’s exactly what happened on Monday night.

But was quite remarkable and moving when the FFA young people decided their first song would be the national anthem.

“It was amazing to hear the students start singing. We had talked about how other groups had done songs up here but it was a shock when this was he song they picked,” State. Rep. Mike Kelley told the Todd Starnes Show.

They are the kind of American young people who stand for the national anthem — they don’t sit down – they don’t take a knee.

“The students truly show the beliefs of our country‚Äôs heartland. Patriotic beliefs and hard work match up well with everything FFA stands for,” Kelley said. 
Heartland patriots, one and all.

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