ICE STORMS HIT HEARTLAND: Outages in Memphis, Dallas, Plows Stuck in Ohio

DEVELOPING: Winter Storm Landon continues to dump snow and ice on much of the country – from the Plains to the Midwest, shutting down highways and canceling thousands of flights.

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Over 100,000 people are without power in Memphis as heavy rainfall turns to ice, the KWAM reports.

Ohio’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) reports at least two plows were stuck in the Buckeye State due to the inclement conditions.

“We just need people to stay home,” Matt Bruning, ODOT spokesman, told the Weather Channel. “That helps us tremendously. There’s really not a lot we can do with freezing rain,” he said. “We’re rooting hard for snow in Ohio right now.”

A driver was treating the roads in eastern Ohio when he hit ice and slid off the road.

“This goes to show it doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re driving, ice is NOT forgiving!” ODOT Eastern Ohio tweeted.

At least one person died from a crash on the road as conditions are extremely dangerous, according to police.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport grounded all flights Thursday morning due to wintry conditions, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.