Airline Apologizes for Banning Jews from Flight

A German airline apologized Tuesday for banning all Jewish people from a connecting flight.

“Due to operational reasons coming from the flight from New York, for all passengers here we have to cancel you on this flight,” Lufthansa agents reportedly told roughly 100 Orthodox Jewish passengers that were on a connecting flight to Hungary, Hamodia reports.

In a video posted to social media, a Lufthansa employee can be heard saying that “everyone has to pay for a couple” of “Jews coming from JFK.”

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The airline employee added, “Jewish people were the mess, who made the problems” were the reason that all Jews were barred from the flight.

The non-compliant passengers, which eyewitnesses said were one or two people, refused to wear masks, according to The Times of Israel.

Lufthansa said the entire group should not have been prevented from flying, only the “non-compliant guests.”

“Lufthansa regrets the circumstances surrounding the decision to exclude passengers from flight LH 1334 on May 4. Lufthansa sincerely apologizes,” it said.

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The German company is still investigating the situation.