Bus Driver Tells Teen Her Outfit is ‘Sexual Harassment’

It’s a case of sex and the city bus, as a 13-year-old girl says she was prevented from boarding public transportation because the bus driver claimed her clothing amounted to “sexual harassment.”

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The incident took place Friday in northern Israel as Tamara Lahav was sporting a cropped shirt and shorts as she was planning to go to the mall in Binyamina, according to Haaretz.

The newspaper reports: “Lahav was waiting for a bus on Friday at the Binyamina Junction in the north. When a number 9 bus arrived, the driver opened the door and asked Lahav if she had ‘something to cover up with.’

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“Lahav said she was surprised by the question and said no. After making another comment, the driver closed the door and drove off.”

Do you think the driver's reaction to the teen's outfit was inappropriate?

The girl, who stayed at the bus stop, said: “I was in shock, I didn’t really understand what happened. After that I regretted that I didn’t confront the driver. I don’t think that boys would have received the same treatment.”

“It took me a while to understand the situation,” she continued, indicating she was upset at her personal ban due to the driver’s “chauvinistic views.”

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