Dems Want to Nationalize Law Silencing People of Faith, Joy Pullmann Tells Starnes

A trial in Finland could have an impact on people of faith in the United States and other nations.

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“It’s something that really is of great importance to people,” Joy Pullmann of The Federalist told the Todd Starnes Show.

Member of Parliament Paivi Rasanen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola are being prosecuted under hate crimes laws.

Rasanen tweeted a picture of Bible verses in June 2019. Investigators also uncovered a pamphlet Rasanen wrote and Pojhola published in 2004. The pamphlet shares classic Christian teachings about sex as reserved only for marriage. It also defines marriage as comprising only one man and one woman for life.

“We’re not talking about some sort of fringe religious group,” said Starnes. “We’re talking about Lutherans!”

“Lawyers told me they’re expecting to this to go the Finnish Supreme Court,” said Pullmann. “If they lose their case there, they could be sent to the European Court of Human Rights, which would create a precedent for these kinds of laws all over the world to be used to silence people of faith and silence people who just disagree and have disagreements about social issues and what is the best thing for our country.”


Other European countries already have such laws, as do some U.S. states and cities.

“Democrats in the U.S. want to basically make the same kind of legislation law nationwide with the Equality Act,” said Pullmann. “So, this is not just an isolated case here.”

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