PRIDE MONTH: Woman Says She’s Sexually Attracted to Jetliners

A 23-year-old woman, who identifies as an Objectum Sexual, wants to marry her toy Boeing 737, the New York Post reports.

National radio host Todd Starnes and Grace Baker, the “Todd Starnes Show” executive producer, discussed the crazy situation Tuesday.


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Starnes: Grace Baker, probably the weirdest story… And I told you this was going to happen. When the Supreme Court redefined, when the Supreme Court in the name of Madea, redefine what God defined. I told you that whole you know what was going to break loose. And it has. This story from The New York Post, Grace Baker, a woman says that she is sexually attracted to jetliners.

Should people be able to marry objects?

Grace Baker: Is it Delta or American?

Grace Baker: When people said Mile High Club, this wasn’t what I was thinking.

Starnes: No, I’m sure it was not Spirit Airlines.

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Grace Baker: Well, you know what they say about Spirit. They’re very unreliable.

Starnes: Cheap and tawdry. Sarah Rondeau is the woman. She’s from Germany and she says that she is actually sexually attracted to airplanes.

Grace Baker: Vroom vroom. baby.

Starnes: And she says that her boyfriend is a Boeing 737. See, I kind of figured she would be into jumbo jets, but, you know.

Grace Baker: I don’t know my airplane models. Sorry.

Starnes: A little comuter, little two seater.

Grace Baker: Is this You can shop for your different models.

Starnes: She identifies as an objectum-sexual. Meaning she is sexually attracted to inanimate objects. This is a real thing. She said that she tried to have relationships with men, but it just, you know.

Grace Baker: But that didn’t go well.

Starnes:They didn’t get off the ground.

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Grace Baker: Never took off. It never had a smooth landing. Let me tell you.

Starnes: Little turbulence in the relationship.

Grace Baker: So you know what they say about airplanes. I mean, they got those lovely little what are they called? The biscotti cookies.

Starnes: She calls her jetliner DICKI. I’m not making this up. D-I-C-K-I She says, oh, I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings and engine.

Grace Baker: No comment.

Starnes: ‘They’re so sexy to me.’

Grace Baker: Got to keep it PG.

Starnes: I just can’t. But you know what? Who are we to judge this woman? If you’re going to redefine marriage, this is what you get, ladies and gentlemen. All right. We got to take a break here and book some airline tickets. This is the Todd Starnes radio show.

Todd’s new book makes an important addition to your library — Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation. Available right now at