Art Ally: Corporations Will Go Broke If They Keep Caving to Woke Agenda

America could get back on track overnight from the Marxist Left’s woke takeover of companies, Art Ally said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

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TODD STARNES: [01:05:17] Now, as we mentioned, today is Tax Day, and depending on where you live, you have to work about 99 or so days a year just to pay your taxes in this country. I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Always an honor to have with us, our friend, Art Ally, the founder of the Timothy Plan. Art, I would say Happy Tax Day, but there’s really nothing happy about this day. [01:05:41][23.8]

Do you boycott WOKE corporations?

ART ALLY: [01:05:43] You said a mouthful, man. I love that clip from Maxine Waters, that is proof positive that vote fraud is alive and well in America. I don’t know how those people keep getting elected. Anyway, it is Tax Day. But you know, you and I, we’re just not paying our fair share because our fair share ought to be all of it, according to those people. [01:06:05][21.9]

TODD: [01:06:06] Well, it’s true Art and it frustrates me as a business owner. It frustrates me as someone who has had some level of success in life and we’re being punished. I mean, that’s all there is to us. We’re all being punished for being successful and sooner or later that’s going to come back and bite everybody in the behind. [01:06:27][21.2]


ART: [01:06:29] Well, you know, it’s right out of the Marxist playbook and how in the world anybody with any sense of history at all can follow that nonsense because it has never worked. It can never work. You cannot take money away from productive people, give it to unproductive people before productive people start saying, You know, what the heck am I working so hard for? But that work, you ain’t seen nothing yet, man. They got serious plans, serious plans of increasing this burden. The load. And something like 87,000 new IRS agents. [01:07:11][42.0]

TODD: [01:07:12] They’re coming after all of us. Art Ally on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Art, it really has been a “such a time as this” moment, I think for Timothy Plan. You guys have from day one, have been encouraging Christians to, you know, to to invest in companies that are not supporting horrible things like abortion, pornography, human trafficking. And here you have moms and dads, many churches, Christian groups going down and supporting Disney and all their various entities and companies. You know, this is what it means to make a hard decision. It, quite quite frankly, should be an easy decision. But they’re going to have to start making some tough choices. [01:07:54][41.7]

ART: [01:07:56] Well, man, you said a mouthful, Todd, and I appreciate your continually challenging people to step up and do the right thing. You know, we outnumber these idiots substantially. If those who claim to have traditional values would simply align them with every decision they make in life. These crazies, including corporate America, would fall into line and America could change overnight because it’s always about the money. And, you know, I’ve got a new favorite saying, Todd. And it’s all these companies are going woke, which is another term for ultra liberal Marxists activities. And so go woke, go broke. If we would stop frequenting these companies, they would start feeling the pain and start understanding, you know, it’s time for corporations to get back to doing things in the best interests of their shareholders and operate efficiency, make profits and stay out of this woke, social tidal wave that seems to be overtaken America. But it’s only a small group, you know, we outnumber them. If we would just do the right thing. America could get back on track overnight. [01:09:26][90.0]

TODD: [01:09:27] I love what you said. You were on Huckabee recently and you just laid it out there. Quit investing in companies and corporations that want to destroy us. I mean, it really is that simple, Art. [01:09:39][12.2]

ART: [01:09:40] Well, it really is, Todd. But you know, the average person really doesn’t know where they’re invested so we can help them just call us. We’ll tell you, you tell us your fund. We’ll tell you how much money you got invested in companies that are aggressively supporting and funding abortion and pornography and all these other things that are tearing America apart. Why would you want to own shares in them if you don’t have to? And that’s what makes us so little different from the rest. [01:10:08][27.2]

TODD: [01:10:08] TimothyPlan.com. Ladies and gentlemen, TimothyPlan.com We have a direct link in our live show blog over on the website. TimothyPlan.com, Art. You have this great little device you guys use called the evaluator. I want you to tell everybody about this great tool. [01:10:26][17.6]

ART: [01:10:27] Well, right? And that’s what I was kind of referring to. If if anybody wants to call us or ask your advisor, your financial advisor to call us, we can tell you every fund in existence how much money each one has invested in companies that fail the abortion and pornography, and all the other screens that we have that we find out these companies are really involved in. So you can know now it really peels back the onion and exposes where this money is being invested and it’s not being invested in our best interest and way too many cases. [01:11:07][40.0]

TODD: [01:11:08] Indeed. All right, Art, we always love having you on the program. And folks, I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity. You have to check out your investments and it’s worth just doing. Look, just like you go to the doctor for a checkup. What better way to make sure that you aren’t? You’re not funding incidentally, some of these horrible things by getting your investments checked up on and that’s what Art and his great team at Timothy Plan could do. Art, God bless you and look forward to having you back on the show soon. [01:11:39][31.7]

ART: [01:11:40] Hey, man, keep up the good work. We sure appreciate you Todd. Thanks. [01:11:45][4.5]

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