Elite Students From Leftist School Desecrate Lincoln Memorial

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The Lincoln Memorial was shut down over the weekend after a bunch of elite college students ransacked the place. 

The National Park Service says graduating seniors from Georgetown University left the memorial in disrepair – broken bottles, wine spilled on the steps.

“The Lincoln Memorial is closed this morning following a local university graduation celebration that left litter, broken bottles and spilled wine and champagne covering the steps,” the Park Service said in a tweet. “We will reopen as soon as the area has been cleaned and made safe.”

They basically desecrated the memorial. 

Hundreds of students turned out for the weekend party — and many jumped into the reflecting pool on the National Mall for a late night swim.

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Georgetown University says they are disappointed in the behavior of their students — but they did not apologize nor did they offer to pay for the damages. 

“While Georgetown is one of several institutions celebrating graduation ceremonies this weekend, we have had no University-sponsored events at or around the Lincoln Memorial. We expect all members of our community to be responsible citizens of our campus and our city and be respectful of the history and institutions of Washington, D.C.,” the university said in a statement to the Washington Post.

The Lincoln Memorial celebrates its 100th anniversary this year — officially dedicated on May 30th, 1922. 

I remember during the Obama administration that kids were not allowed to pray on the steps of the Supreme Court. 

So why were police not summoned to stop the college kids from desecrating the memorial?

I guess there’s one set of rules for the elite, and another for the rest of us. 

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