Middle School Approves Gay Pride Flag, but Rejects Gadsden Flag

There’s a big controversy in the small town of Marshall, Minnesota.

School administrators recently hoisted a Gay pride flag in the cafeteria – alongside the American flag and a number of international flags.

The Thomas More Society, a religious liberty law firm, said that some students opposed the presentation and presented a petition urging school leaders to remove the flag. However, administrators rejected the student petition.

Administrators also rejected a request to fly the Gadsden flag, known historically as the bright yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” banner.

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Attorney Erick Kaardal called the school’s decision to ban the Gadsden flag and reject the petition “divisive and insensitive.”

“It makes it appear that the school supports one group’s beliefs at the expense of others,” he said. “Ironically, of course, the rainbow flag is most famous for being involved in protest, but now those advocating that symbol of protest will not tolerate the expression of opposing ideas.”

Dozens of parents attended a recent school board meeting to demand to know why the “rainbow” flag was being preferential treatment.

What’s next, curriculum teaching this lifestyle in our classrooms?” one parent asked. “We do not want our children to be learning in a hostile environment.”

If you’ve read my new book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” you know the answer to that question is – yes.

“During the forum, an eighth-grade student at MMS said the school was stopping expression of opposing views on the flag,” the Marshall Independent reports. “The student said he had a petition taken away by school staff, and when some students put other flags representing themselves on their lockers, they were taken down by a teacher.”

Rev. Don LeClere, the pastor of Marshall Evangelical Free Church, told the newspaper that it’s not about hate.

“Either erect other lifestyle flags, like the two we submitted, to represent all students, or remove the one lifestyle flag, choosing to remain viewpoint neutral and truly communicating concern or all students,” the pastor said.

However, another pastor took issue with the phrase “lifestyle flag.”

“It’s not a lifestyle flag,” Rev. Anne Veldhuisen told the newspaper.

If that’s the case, could someone please identify the geographic location of the nation known as “LGBT Land”?

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