Trump Flags Cause Uproar at School’s ‘USA Day’ Bash

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Liberals at a Michigan high school were triggered after a number of students showed up to class celebrating America by wearing Trump shirts and waving Trump flags.

Students at Parchment High School had been encouraged to wear patriotic attire for a USA theme day. And a good many students decided that nothing says patriotism like President Trump.

Principal George Stamas issued a lengthy statement on social media expressing remorse for anyone who might have been triggered or set-off.

“While the majority of students who participated in this day were clad in red, white and blue or USA paraphernalia, a small percentage of students chose to express their political affiliations,” he wrote.

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For the record, several observers noted on Facebook that not a single student was wearing pro-Biden clothing.

“Students are entitled, like all others, to their freedom of speech and expression,” the principal wrote. “However, this case does not guarantee a students right to freedom of speech and expression if it causes a ‘disruption to the educational process.'”

There were allegations that some students were using Trump flags as capes and others had uttered racially charged language. All unsubstantiated claims, by the way.

“The choices of some students disrupted the ability of others to learn today. This is not acceptable and this was addressed and will continue to be addressed,” the principal wrote. “Parchment High School, and the entire Parchment School District are dedicated to ensuring that all students have a safe and welcoming learning environment.”

He went on to apologize for anyone who felt triggered.

“We are sincerely remorseful if a day that was meant for unification turned into division for some. We will not tolerate actions that choose to belittle, demean, threaten or put down others,” the principal said.