PGA Golfer Under Fire For Wearing Pro-Police Wristband

Richy Werenski, the pro-golfer, caused a social media stir on Sunday after he was spotted wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband that roused the cancel-culture mob that hinted that it was an insensitive move since he was playing in a tournament “20 minutes” from where George Floyd died in police custody.


Joel Baell, a writer for Golf Digest, rang the alarm bell on social media after he spotted the potential cancellable offense during the 3M Open in TPC Twin Cities.

“Playing 20 minutes away from where George Floyd was killed by police officers, Richy Werenski has been wearing a Blue Lives Matter band this week at the 3M Open,” Baell tweeted.

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One of the responses to the Baell callout said, “I always laugh when some reporter gets excited because he thinks he’s witnessed a cancelable offense and sends some insufferably self-righteous tweet in hopes people will notice him. Nice try Joel. Better luck with the next meaningless accusation.”

Rita Panahi, a Herald Sun columnist, mocked Baell, “You can’t express support for law enforcement, who’ve been under attack across the country, if you’re within *checks notes* a 20 minute radius of Minneapolis.”


Sky Sports reported that Werenski has been wearing the band for at least four years. Baell mentioned that Werenski has worn the bracelet in a later tweet, but the criticism continued. Many on social media accused him of “following the narrative” in an attempt at self-promotion.

“We call this “crawfishing” where I’m from,” one user responded. “In this case, it means rapidly backing away from a weak, ill-thought out and failed attempt to out and cancel someone for backing heroes.”

The Independent newspaper reported that the Blue Lives Matter campaign started in 2014 and aims to increase protection for law enforcement. The movement has been criticized by many in the left as racist.

Most recently, a police chief at West Virginia University was forced to apologize after the angry mob spotted a “Thin Blue Line” flag in his office during a virtual conversation over Zoom.

Vagner Benedito, a biochemical genetics professor. He reportedly took to Twitter to call for the chief’s resignation, saying, “The only way forward is with his resignation. Why is it so difficult to comprehend.”

Benedito ruled that Chedester’s apology is not “convincing.” He told Campus Reform that the flag is evidence that the police chief may not be willing to defend minorities on campus.

“To be clear, the diverse community at WVU and allies are demanding the replacement of WVU Chief Police moving forward,” Benedito told the website.

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