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February 1, 2023
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November 30, 2022
The premier children’s hospital in Wisconsin is now hiring transgender activists to serve as chaplains and spiritual care interns.  The
November 1, 2022
President Biden falsely states again that his son Beau died in Iraq. He did not. Beau died of brain cancer
October 29, 2022
DEVELOPING STORY: At least 146 people were killed and another 150 injured after they were crushed in a large Halloween
October 24, 2022
Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for Conservatives and Christians. BIDEN TO VP HARRIS: "Happy birthday to our
October 22, 2022
Did President Biden suffer a brain freeze or did he doze off during this NBC News interview? BIDEN: “It’s my
October 9, 2022
U.S. Congressman Sean Casten (D-IL) and his wife have been searching for answers after their 17-year-old daughter died in her
October 9, 2022
Detroit Lions cornerback Saivion Smith was taken off the field in New England in an ambulance and was taken to
October 8, 2022
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October 4, 2022
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