Todd Starnes Show Recap: July 13

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Todd Starnes Monologue: Why do liberals want President Trump dead?

Democrats, is this who you people really are, posting death threats of Steve Scalise and President Trump?

12:10 PM Ray Richardson, Host The Ray Richardson Show on the Lobster Radio Network, WLOB:

Richardson commented on the Maine Democrat legislator who made a profane-laced threat against President Trump on Facebook and later posted an apology. The Representative then threatened a local radio anchor to "cease and desist" for airing his comments.

1:24 PM Kevin Corke, Fox News White House Correspondent:

Kevin Corke commented on covering the Trump White House: "It never gets dull ... when you're fair, you really don't care when they push back." "Major, major issue" with the leakers in the White House. "I've covered a few administrations ... it is stunning, it is shocking, and I think it's actually dangerous ... even if you take out all the politics. ... If you destabilize the United States government, you literally can destabilize the entire world ... again, apolitical."

1:34 PM Jim Campbell, Senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, Director of the Center for Cultural Engagement and Scholarship:

Campbell fought back against the assertion that his clients are bigots. "That's simply not true. They serve everyone ... they simply cannot print a message ... that conflicts with their faith."

2:34 PM Guest: Zach Blenkinsopp U.S. Navy veteran and owner of Digital Roofing Innovations

The Veteran and roofing company owner said they've been busier than ever after their ad: "Get a roof, get a gun!" "We want to support our community."