Florida School Board Member ID’s 75 Books with Pornographic or Inappropriate Material in Library

More than 70 books with pornographic and overly sexual content were discovered in a Florida school’s library, according to a concerned mother and school board member.

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Are public schools turning into government funded grooming centers?

Ashley Gilhousen, a Clay County School District board member, is calling for “disciplinary action” for whoever is responsible for allowing children to be exposed to pornographic material.

“I don’t think there’s any justification for it,” Gilhousen told Fox News. “And I can tell you my own research in our school library so far I’ve identified 75 books that I’m working to challenge to get off of ourselves.”


In an interview with Fox, Gilhousen presented a series of examples of books that were available to children at the school.

One of the books, “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison describes a boy who remembers participating in oral sex as a 10 year old.

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“I’m disgusted that anybody would think that that’s appropriate material to have in a school library,” Gilhousen, who is a mom of three boys, said. “There needs to be disciplinary action for anybody who offers this kind of material to a child.”

Gilhousen also described some of the literature in the library as “politically driven agenda-type books.”

“Julian is a Mermaid,” a book found by the school board member, is recommended for elementary school children and regarded as an introduction to gender fluidity.

The story features a boy who puts on lipstick and jewelry then goes to an NYC mermaid festival where he can finally express himself.

Gilhousen explained that media specialists meet with publishers and recommend books for school libraries. She said this process deserves some of the blame for the lewd content being promoted in schools.

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After the issue was brought up in a school board meeting, Gilhousen said that a mechanism was created to immediately remove books that are disputed until they are approved.

Gilhousen does not think this is enough.

“We need to create a mechanism that spells out very plainly who is held accountable for the books that are on the shelves. And it obviously starts with the library media center specialists, but those purchases are then signed off by the principal who is then accountable to the superintendent,” she asserted.

“I don’t understand how anybody could make such an egregious mistake,” Gilhousen added.

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