WOKE College Education Department Chair Calls For ‘Death of Whiteness’

The education department chair at the University of Denver wrote an article calling for the “death of whiteness” in a journal notorious for publishing Marxist ideas.

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Do you think D.L. Stewart's article is racist?

The piece “‘Dead honky’—against technologies of (white) violence” authored by D.L. Stewart accuses “whiteness” of pretending to be innocent while creating “terror and violence.”

Stewart’s research is framed in the context of a 1975 “Saturday Night Live” skit where racial slurs are used toward a black man.

The education chair grounds his assertions about white people in his experience as a black man rather than facts.

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“I bring a Black consciousness lens that asserts a critical narrative grounded in my own and in the intellectual, cultural, and psychic experiences of Blackness,” Stewart brags in the piece.

Throughout the article, Stewart focuses on three main facets of white violence that must be eradicated in order to form a more equitable and socially just society: “malicious whiteness,” “rhetorical white innocence, mobilized through white contempt and white transmission” and “pacifying white concession.”

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Stewart claims that whiteness is not tied to skin color. He says it also includes anything that is “not Black, disabled, poor, trans, non-Christian.”

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The university’s Morgridge College of Education, which Stewart leads, plays a role in training the educators who will impact the next generation of America’s youth in public schools.


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