Atheists Celebrate Town’s Decision to Ban Nativity From Public Property

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From our radio affiliate in Delaware – WGMD – comes word of a war on Christmas story.

Rehoboth Beach will not allow a Catholic church to post a nativity scene on the town’s famed Bandstand.

“Christmas is about the birth of a man named Jesus Christ – that is an undisputed fact – that’s what Christmas is all about,” Father William Coco of Saint Edmond Catholic Church told the radio station.

The longtime tradition came to an end last year after Mayor Paul Kuhns and city leaders came to the conclusion that the Baby Jesus has no place on public property.

Many Christians in the area were deeply offended by the mayor’s decision – but the mayor says he based his decision on the U.S. Constitution’s mandated separation of church and state.

There’s just one problem with the mayor’s argument – he’s dead wrong. The U.S. Constitution does not even mention the phrase “separation of church and state.”

“I don’t understand why Christians would be deeply offended,” Mayor Kuhns told the radio station. “We are basically saying that on public property, with public resources comes public responsibility and this separation of church and state is the city’s decision.”

One notorious atheist praised the mayor’s “refreshing bluntness.”

“This isn’t some anti-Christian move. It’s government neutrality on matters of religion,” wrote Hemant Mehta on the Friendly Atheist blog.

Mayor Kuhns is either ignorant of the law or he’s just another godless Grinch.