HATEFUL HEATHENS! Dozens of Taylor Grads Walk Out on Pence

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A handful of Taylor University graduates and faculty members walked out just before Vice President Mike Pence addressed the graduating class.

About 40 disgruntled snowflakes and leftists faculty members pitched a royal hissy fit after the Christian university refused to rescind Pence’s invitation.


Some students said they felt “personally attacked” and were “physically shaking” after Pence had been invited. Other student feared they would feel “unsafe at their own graduation.”

For the record, there were no reports of any graduates being harmed by the vice president during the commencement ceremony.

Laura Rathburn told The Indianapolis Star she was disappointed her school chose Pence to speak.

“I think his presence makes it difficult for everyone at Taylor to feel welcomed,” she said, donning a graduation cap she decorated with rainbow colors and a message that said, “Ally Visible For Those Who Can’t Be.”

The students were later allowed to return and participate in the rest of the commencement, the Chronicle-Tribune reported. Frankly, they should’ve been escorted off school property.

The newspaper also noted that a few graduates refused to shake the vice president’s hand after they received diplomas.

I think we have adequately established the fact that these hateful, petulant snowflakes behaved like a bunch of ill-tempered, heathen jackasses.

I’m fairly certain there were plenty of moms and dads who were horrified at the un-Christ-like behavior of their offspring. Those youngsters weren’t raised like that, well, at least I hope not.

It should be noted that most of the graduating class as well as those in attendance warmly received the vice president and gave him a thunderous welcome and standing ovation.

Student David Muselman launched an “I Like Mike” campaign in response to the hateful backlash coming from leftist students and faculty.

“My whole motive behind selling these ‘I Like Mike’ T-shirts was to tell the world that a huge majority of campus was thrilled at Taylor’s decision,” Muselman told Fox News. “The silent majority is in full-fledged support, while a very, very small minority is not supportive.”

Taylor University’s administration should be commended because they did not back down to the bullies or their cronies in the Mainstream Media. They refused to rescind the invitation and they took a bold stand for freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the companies that will inevitably hire one of the aggrieved snowflakes who graduated over the weekend. I suspect Human Resource departments across the Hoosier State will be quite busy soothing their easily triggered hires.

As for the faculty members who walked out of the vice president’s address? Well, the administration should’ve told those folks to keep on walking. I suspect they will feel much more comfortable teaching at godless places like Berkeley or Harvard.

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