FNC’s Nancy Grace Calls Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Teen Vigilante,’ Guests Label Him ‘Sniveling Kid,’ Possibly Homicidal


Fox News Channel host Nancy Grace is facing a firestorm of controversy over a so-called “investigative” report that was actually a one-hour hit-piece on Kyle Rittenhouse.

The 18-year-old on trial for shooting two rioters and seriously wounding a third. Video clearly shows Rittenhouse was defending himself from the rioters in all three of the attacks.

“Can you have a teen vigilante out there looking for trouble? Is it either that or is it self-defense,” Grace said. “The question tonight is can both be true?”

Throughout much of the program, Fox aired a chyron reading, “TEEN VIGILANTE GUNS DOWN THREE, HEADS TO JURY.”

“Everyone that you speak to says when asked, is Rittenhouse guilty? They say, well, why was he out there with an AR? Why was he out there with an assault rifle,” Grace asked. “But the issue was, was he defending himself? Because you can be a teen vigilante and you can still shoot in self defense.”

Criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten quickly corrected Grace’s erroneous description of Rittenhouse’s weapon — noting that it was not an “assault rifle.”

Grace also wondered whether or not the 18-year-old faked the emotional outburst that happened during his testimony.

“Is that real? Is he really crying? Or did his lawyer coach him hour after hour after hour about when to start crying,” Grace asked. “Did he stick him with a pen or is he really crying?”

Grace referred to those gunned down in the Kenosha riots as “victims” – including convicted child sex offender Joseph Rosenbaum.

But is it real?

Grace referred to those gunned down in the Kenosha riots as “victims” – including convicted child sex offender Joseph Rosenbaum.

Judge Dismisses Weapons Charge Against Rittenhouse

Dr. Bethany Marshall, a psychoanalyst, asked whether Rittenhouse might be “homicidal.”

“He seems to have this grandiose entitlement,” Marshall told Grace. “He represents that he’s a medic even though he has no formal training as a medic. He thinks he can protect an auto body shop even though he’s not a policeman. He thinks he can enforce the law even though he’s just a sniveling little kid.”

Grace took issue with Rittenhouse traveling to Kenosha – even though that’s where his father lived.

“It would be a cold day in H-E double L that my son would be out with that slung over his shoulder at night 25 miles away from home,” she said. “How did that happen? Why is he out 25 miles away from home with THAT (gun) slung over his shoulder? Now, what does that have to do with self defense? Nothing. But that’s just a question.”

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