Harris Was Infuriated that Biden’s Staff Would Not Stand When She Entered Room

Vice President Kamala Harris feels disrespected by the White House staff, according the a jaw-dropping book, “This Will Not Pass.”

The book was written by New York Times journalist Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns.

“Harris worried that Biden’s staff looked down on her,” Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said as he read from the book. “She fixated on real and perceived snubs in ways the West Wing found tedious. When Harris walked into a room the White House staff did not stand up the way they did for Biden. The vice president took it as a sign of disrespect.”

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The issue was so significant that White House staff held a meeting to address the issue, Todd said.

“The chief of staff to Kamala Harris telephoned the West Wing and told a senior adviser that the VP has noticed this and would like staff members to stand when she enters the room,” Martin said. Watch below.

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