Major Newspaper Op-Ed Slams Christians for Turning to Faith After Shooting

After the Uvalde school massacre, a Los Angeles Times columnist compared Christians calling on God to “faith that allowed brutal enslavement.”

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Is there a rising anti-Christian sentiment in the country?

LZ Granderson, an op-ed columnist for the LA Times, wrote a column Wednesday titled, “Republicans use ‘God’ to turn tragedies into talking points.”

“They clearly have a period in mind in which they believe God was happier with the direction of the country, but our history makes it impossible to pinpoint a date without looking racist. So they tend to talk in nostalgic Judeo-Christian generalities,” Granderson said.

He worried that God would be mentioned at the funerals of the slain children, “we’re going to be hearing a lot more of these generalities.”

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 “With each passing day, it is clear that conservatives want to move the national conversation surrounding these mass shootings away from gun access and toward God,” Granderson warned.

He took a shot at Christians and their beliefs.

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“We don’t need to return the kind of faith that allowed brutal enslavement to be the law of the land for centuries. We don’t need to return to the kind of faith that allowed Jim Crow laws to follow,” Granderson said.

He concludes that America is beyond redemption.