Psaki Refuses to Call Texas Dems’ Trip a ‘Super-Spreader Event’

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to call out the Texas Democrats’ traveling party that carried COVID-19 to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Instead, she’s thanking them for “standing up for voting rights.” 

When Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked whether the infectious trip by Texas Democrats, who fled the state to protest a Republican voting protections bill, was a concern, Psaki said she wouldn’t characterize the trip as a “super-spreader event.” 

“Is there any concern that this trip was intended to advocate for voting rights is now a super-spreader event in Washington?” asked Doocy.  

Psaki quickly responded: “That’s not a characterization we’re making from here.”  

According to Politico, the group of traveling Democrats carried COVID-19 to the White House, infecting a senior spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a White House official, both of whom were fully vaccinated.  

“We certainly understand that there will be breakthrough cases. Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not full proof. They are not 100 percent effective. We’ve seen that,” the press secretary added.  “Here’s the good news though: We know that these vaccines, that these [Texas Democrats] … have been vaccinated. It means it protects from death. It protects from serious illness, it protects, for the most part, hospitalization.”