Reporter Exposes Paramedic Who Donated $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

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A journalist is getting lambasted online for going to the home of a Utah paramedic who donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense.

ABC-affiliate KTVX reporter Jason Nguyen used a data breach from crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo, to track down the paramedic and contact the fire department he works at.

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“I tried to get the paramedics side of things,” Nguyen tweeted Friday.

The fire department said it is investigating the situation but noted it was a private donation.

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes slammed the reporter and the station for the story that appears to doxx the paramedic.

“It must have been a slow news week in Salt Lake City,” Starnes said.

“KTVX seems to think the paramedic committed some sort of violent crime by donating money to a guy’s legal defense fund,” he added. “If that’s the case, maybe an enterprising young journalist might consider investigating how the employees of KTVX spend their money.”

Others online questioned why the reporter would be harassing a private citizen.

“This isn’t journalism, this is stalking. Delete this, you psychopath,” Blaze TV host Lauren Chen said.