‘IT’S THE MOST AMERICAN THING EVER!’ Marines Rescue Motorists Stuck in Flood

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A number of motorists were rescued from floodwaters by U.S. Marines.

Four members of the USMC Body Bearers had had just wrapped up a long day of funerals — five in all. They were in a bus heading back home when a torrential rainstorm flooded the road.

One of the motorists filmed the Marines getting out of their bus and wading into the floodwaters. Four of the Marines pushed the grateful motorist to safety.

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“This is the most American thing ever,” the person videotaping the rescue said.

She later posted the video to Instagram with the headline, “The day the Marines helped us.”

“No matter the circumstance, it’s always important to be there for others and our men did just that,” the USMC Body Bearers wrote on their social media page. Watch below and click here to follow Todd Starnes on Instagram.