Caller: Todd Starnes, You’re The Only One Telling the Truth on the Radio

Loyal Todd Starnes Show listener Jerri Lynn called in and said Todd Starnes is the only journalist who still tells the truth.


Listen to the full conversation below:

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TODD STARNES: [00:41:47] Jerri Lynn, our good friend in Georgia WDUN, Jerry Lynn, what say you? [00:41:53][5.8]

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JERRI LYNN: [00:41:54] Well, hey, my sweet Todd and my love Grace. I just had to call in Todd. I want to address your last caller, Mr. Harold, no disrespect whatsoever to him, but he is what’s part of the problem with the RINOs? So if anyone’s a RINO, Todd, it is Mr. Harold. Harold, I would like to say to you that you need to be following Todd Starnes. Because, Todd, this is why, besides me loving you, and I am straightforward, you know that. I am not a Demonrat, and I am not a Republican. I am now a straight blown conservative. And Todd, you and Steve Bannon are the only two that report facts and real needs. So Mr. Harold they needs in line with the RINOs, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and he needs to listen to you more and then he would realize that you’re the only one that gives us truth. So, Harold, you need to go. do whatever, plant your garden, honey whatever you want to do and join the rest of the RINOs cause all of us that listen to Todd Starnes out here know for a fact that he is nothing but truth. And you are so far off that he’s a RINO. Why doesn’t he go join Biden, the biggest idiot demonrat ever nominated, Harold. That’s what I got to say, Todd Starnes. [00:43:20][85.6]

Do you agree with Jerri Lynn?

STARNES: [00:43:21] Jerry Lynn, well look. [00:43:23][1.8]

JERRI LYNN: [00:43:23] He done made me angry, honey, calling you a RINO. Oh, my goodness. [00:43:27][4.2]

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STARNES: [00:43:28] Jerry Lynn, now you put me in a position where I think I have to defend Harold. I don’t think Harold is a RINO. I just think he doesn’t understand the point of me sharing that polling data. It’s not that I believe the data, but it’s a reminder that we’ve got to be focused. We can’t take anything for granted. And look, I don’t know who they’re talking to. I’ve never gotten a call from one of these pollsters, but it does serve a purpose and that’s the purpose. [00:43:52][23.9]

JERRI LYNN: [00:43:54] Todd, me and millions of others tune in to hear you and what you have to say every single day. So no, I’m sorry, you can defend Harold all you want. But, honey, Harold, go plow your garden. Honey, go play in your garden, honey, and stay out of politics. You should not be voting, if that’s what you think. [00:44:17][22.6]

STARNES: [00:44:18] Jerri Lynn, are you doing well otherwise, Miss Jerri? [00:44:20][2.8]

JERRI LYNN : [00:44:23] I love you, Todd Starnes. [00:44:23][0.0]

STARNES: [00:44:24] It’s okay, Jerri Lynn, are you doing ok otherwise? [00:44:28][3.9]

JERRI LYNN: [00:44:28] Talking about my Todd and Grace, honey, I’m telling you, I’ll slap the brisket off your tongue. I’m trying to be a Christian, Todd. He ruffled my feathers. [00:44:39][10.6]

STARNES: [00:44:41] Jerri Lynn, God bless you, you see this? This is the best part of our show is we have the kindest, most ferocious callers out there. And Jerri Lynn, you’re one of our favorites. God bless you. When we come through to Gainesville, you got to drop by and say hello. [00:44:58][16.9]

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JERRI LYNN: [00:45:00] You better believe I will, Todd, I love you and Miss Grace. And like I say, Todd, you’re the last person standing that tells us the truth. You don’t tell us what we want to hear you tell us what we need to hear. [00:45:12][13.0]

STARNES: [00:45:13] We do our best. [00:45:14][0.6]

JERRI LYNN: [00:45:14] I love you, Todd, and I appreciate you greatly. Don’t let Harold ruin your day. [00:45:17][3.0]

STARNES: [00:45:19] You take care of yourself, alright, Miss Jerri Lynn, We’re going to put her in charge of security, Grace. [00:45:25][5.9]

GRACE BAKER: [00:45:28] I think that’s a great idea. [00:45:29][0.8]

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