Dana Perino’s ‘Off-Color Joke’ Surprises Co-Hosts

Fox News host Dana Perino shocked her co-hosts when she made an off-color joke during “The Five” Monday.

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Perino, a staple of “The Five,” is known for her kind personality and love of her pets.

During Monday’s broadcast, her co-host Greg Gutfeld tore into President Biden for saying inflation rose only “an inch” in a recent interview.

Gutfeld suggested that when the president made the comment, he was confused and was referring to the rise of inflation on a physical chart.

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“You know, I’ve got to take this moment to defend him, especially on the inflation piece,” Gutfeld said. “When he said inflation is up just an inch, he was probably referring to a chart. Right? Oh, look, that’s just an inch. That’s just an inch.”

Gutfeld continued to slam Biden, claiming he is a puppet for the administration.

“All of this stuff is exhausting,” Gutfeld exclaimed. “It gives you so much material to work from it’s almost brilliant, but do we get any clarity on anything, right? Or do we just listen to an interview with some guy, whose kind of along for the ride, who’s got some opinions about the pandemic and Taiwan, and casually just throws them out there, and you have to come out and clean up after him?”

“He’s not really president. He’s not even present,” Gutfeld said at the end of his spiel.

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Were you surprised by Perino's joke?

Before the end of the segment, Perino cut in and said, “More to come on all of this, because it’s just an inch,” she said.

“You know, an inch matters,” Perino concluded with a grin.

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