Fox News Crushed Kathy Barnette With Ugly Smears

Kathy Barnette was done-in by an ugly smear campaign waged by Trump loyalists along with Fox News Channel.

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It’s too close to call in the Pennsylvania Republican primary – and it may be days until voters know who won the U.S. Senate nomination.

Dr. Oz, the celebrity doctor, and Gulf War veteran Dave McCormick are virtually deadlocked.

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Kathy Barnette, the Ultra-MAGA candidate, came in third – but she had a strong showing.

Ms. Barnette was done-in by an ugly smear campaign waged by Trump loyalists along with Fox News Channel.

The network should’ve renamed the program, “The Bash Kathy Barnette Hour.”

Her so-called conservative accusers used heavily edited videos and comments taken out of context to cast suspicion on her conservative credentials.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity shilled for Dr. Oz – a man who is pro-abortion and pro-Black Lives Matter. He also supports gun control and radical sex surgeries for small children.

Then again, the 9 o’clock hour on Fox News Channel has become a safe space for cultural liberals — especially the preferred pronoun crowd.

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Fox News Channel used to boast that their news coverage was fair and balanced.

Well, I think it’s fair to say their behavior in the Pennsylvania Senate race was neither fair nor balanced.

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