Gay Activist Pushes for Pedophilia: Sex with 9-Year-Old Boy Should Be OK

UPDATE: The gay activist with a Netflix documentary, Peter Tatchell, responded to SMG reporter Allen Moro’s tweet about a clip of him:

“I oppose adults having sex with kids,” Tatchell tweeted in response, linking to his website and claiming he has made that argument for decades and has “helped child abuse victims fight for justice.”

Moro responded, “Why why did you only that that ‘most sex involving young people is abusive and wrong?'”

He added, “Are you saying there is ever a time when pedophilia is permissible?”

We will update the story if Tatchell responds.


A prominent British LGBT activist recently claimed that children as young as 9 years old can consent to sex in some cases.

In an interview with GBNews, Peter Tatchell told the story of his “friend” who had sex with a man at the age of 9 years old. Tatchell said that his friend looks back on the experience positively and does not believe he was “pressured” or “manipulated.”

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Is the left trying to normalize pedophilia?

“He told me when he was about 15 that he had had sex with a young man when he was 9 years old,” Tatchell said. “He said it was his choice. He said he wasn’t pressured or manipulated. He said he had no regrets about that sexual experience. So my view is, that’s what he’s saying. It’s his personal view as an adult mature man looking back on his childhood. If he says that, who am I or you to dispute it?”

Tatchell went on to say that he accepts that “most” sex with young children is “abusive and wrong.” However, the activist said he believes that his friend’s view should not be dismissed.

Video of Tatchell’s comments went viral after LGB, a group seeking to distinguish same-sex attraction from gender identity, posted a clip of the interview on Twitter.

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The group corrected the initial caption of its tweet which claimed that Tatchell’s friend had sex with a 9-year-old. The caption was incorrect because Tatchell’s friend was the 9-year-old in the story.

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Tatchell is largely celebrated in the media and pop culture for taking a stand for gay rights and advocating for Marxist ideas in Europe.

Even to the extent that Netflix created a documentary about him in 2021, celebrating his protests and activism.


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