STARNES: Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Can’t Tell Difference Between Men and Women

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After three days of confirmation hearings — here’s what we know about Federal District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

She’s sympathetic to child predators, drug dealers and Muslim terrorists, she cannot say when life begins and she doesn’t know the difference between a man and a woman.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee quizzed Judge Jackson on whether she could define the word woman. The judge replied that she could not because she’s not a biologist.

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Judge Jackson also said that public schools are not teaching critical race theory.

Sounds like the president picked a real winner.

The reality is that Judge Jackson is not going to change the ideological makeup of the court – She’s a liberal replacing a liberal.

Sen. John Cornyn to Judge: Why Did You Call Bush a War Criminal?

President Biden wanted a black woman for his nominee.

Those were the only two qualifications.

So unless there’s a question about Judge Jackson’s preferred pronouns, the confirmation hearings are just an exercise in futility.

I’m Todd Starnes.