STARNES: Hollywood Goes Anti-Gay to Please China

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Hollywood has declared war on Florida.

Enraged because of a law that bans teachers from educating kindergarteners about sex.

All sorts of unrighteous indignation coming from the bok choy and botox crowd.

But it turns out – Tinsletown’s indignation is a bit selective.

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Variety Magazine reports that Warner Brothers removed references to a gay relationship in the latest iteration of “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” — an off-shoot of the Harry Potter series.

Dumbledore is gay – and there was a scene that referenced his past romance with another character.

But China blew a fuse – and said the scene had to be censored.

Instead of launching petition drives and threatening to boycott China — Warner Brothers caved — and removed the scene.

Sacrificing their own leftist values for the sake of the Almighty Chinese dollar.

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Is Hollywood hypocritical?