STARNES: Why Was Biden Fiddling With His Tongue at Queen’s Funeral?

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I never thought I would utter these words on national radio – but here goes: President Biden was captured on film playing with his tongue at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

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We don’t know why he was playing with his tongue – perhaps out of boredom or childlike curiosity – but it was a bit weird for the leader of the free world to be photographed in such a predicament. Okay – it was really weird.

The president got off on the wrong foot by showing up late. He got stuck in traffic. He was seated some 14 rows back with leaders from Switzerland and Poland.

Once at the funeral he pulled out a cue card to reportedly help him remember what to write in the condolence book. Watch below.

I’m not sure of the clinical diagnosis, but back home in Tennessee we’d say that President Biden’s cheese has done slid off his cracker.

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