STARNES: Why Was Joe Biden Taking Showers With His Daughter?

President Biden allegedly showered with his daughter Ashley, according to her diary, and if this is the case, he needs to resign, said national radio host Todd Starnes.


The Justice Department’s handling of the Ashley Biden diary case is reminiscent of something you’d expect to see in Iran or Russia, Harmeet Dhillon said on the Todd Starnes Show.


TODD STARNES: [01:38:02] And on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, we have really one of the best attorneys in America. She’s representing Project Veritas. Our good friend, Harmeet Dhillon. Harmeet, good to have you back with us. [01:38:11][9.7]

HARMEET DHILLON: [01:38:13] Thanks for having me, Todd. [01:38:13][0.7]

STARNES: [01:38:14] This is an insane story and it seems to me like they’re just trying to shut up Project Veritas and anybody who’s read this diary. [01:38:23][9.1]

DHILLON: [01:38:25] Well, of course they are. There is no legal basis and there never was for this investigation in the Southern District of New York for pre-dawn flight SWAT team raids on multiple journalists for gathering over 200,000 emails belonging to Project Veritas, dating back to almost a year before they ever got possession of the diary and now continuing to persecute them, even when they know. And as this story from The Daily Mail reveals, they are fully aware that the diary was abandoned by Ashley Biden and was never stolen. And so this is absolutely a witch hunt. This is the president using the federal United States Department of Justice and FBI as his personal police to protect his wayward children. It’s not the first time he’s done it and it needs to stop. [01:39:15][49.6]

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STARNES: [01:39:17] The diary itself and these allegations that she showered with her father, the now president of the United States. As Tucker Carlson said, if the any of these things are true, he needs to resign from his office. But it certainly does explain why the kids are so messed up if they were growing up in that sort of a household environment. [01:39:37][20.1]

DHILLON: [01:39:39] Well, I mean, I’m not an expert on family dynamics, but I think we can all stipulate that the kids are messed up. I mean, you know, two children with drug problems. It’s really sad, actually. And as human beings, I don’t want to dwell on their suffering. It’s sad and I hope they get the help they need. But when your father is not only in the public eye, but is actually enabling your behavior, it just, you know, makes it that much worse. And so on the Hunter Biden side, we see, you know, abuse of other people in some of these videos and evidence from the laptop. And in this case, now, this young lady is herself speculating that her father’s behavior may have contributed to her early sexualization and ultimately all the problems she’s suffering right now. So, look, you know, their family problems are unique to them, but they shouldn’t become America’s problems and they should not become the problems of suppressing journalists speech in America. And I will tell you that, you know, Project Veritas is a great client and I love working with them. I love the First Amendment. We don’t always see journalist organizations, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the American Civil Liberties Union weighing in on our side because of the politics of some of the work that they do. But they have both weighed in on our side on this case in court, seeking disclosure from the court of the search warrant affidavits, which will show exactly what these DOJ officials told judges to get these secret warrants, and I’ve covered this in some other segments on Tucker show, but what we learned recently is that the DOJ basically shopped warrants around to multiple different magistrate judges in the Southern District of New York, and it’s not even clear that the main judge on the case, the federal district judge, not the magistrate judge who has this case, was even told that the DOJ had been surveilling Project Veritas for months. And so, you know, while we went into court to get the federal judge to order that a special master review our privileged communications, attorney client privilege, financial documents with our donors and journalistic privilege. We didn’t even know at that time about all the rest of it. So this is a massive civil rights violation that has been perpetrated on American journalists. It has a chilling effect on other journalists. And so this is much bigger than just Project Veritas. I want to be very clear about that. [01:42:10][151.1]

STARNES: [01:42:10] Yeah. Look, I’m with you on that. And I think the key word there is chilling. And they want any journalist that’s looking into this to know they could, it’s not even the knock on the door. It’s the battering ram in the middle of the night coming in and terrorizing these journalists. And that’s what I think they were doing to Project Veritas. They were terrorizing these guys and gals. [01:42:30][19.2]

DHILLON: [01:42:32] You know, there’s no circumstance under which I can imagine that it would be appropriate for the DOJ to do a pre-dawn raid tipping off, by the way, The New York Times of American journalists who had already offered to cooperate. Okay, we were already aware, based on other search warrants that had been executed and by the time James O’Keefe was the target of such a raid. We’d already been in touch with the DOJ and offered to meet up with them, find out what they needed and cooperate with them. Because Project Veritas is law abiding, they don’t want to hide from the DOJ and they want to explain the evidence they have within the bounds of ethics. So this was shock and awe like we saw in other cases that the DOJ has been abusing its power, tipping off The New York Times, which, by the way, is our litigation opponent in a different case and generally just making a show trial of critics of the regime. This is something you see in Iran or, you know, Russia or other countries. It’s not something you see in America and it’s just not acceptable, which is why you see these liberal journalist organizations and free speech organizations stepping forward. [01:43:49][77.5]

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STARNES: [01:43:50] Harmeet, before we have to let you go here, a couple of more questions on this. Again, the allegation which in the warrant is that this diary was stolen. But as the facts are laid out in that Daily Mail story, that is simply not the case. Has anybody been charged with theft? [01:44:07][17.3]

DHILLON: [01:44:10] Not only has no one been charged with theft, you know, the way this case has evolved, it’s not clear to me that there was ever any contemporaneous claim of theft. The claim that the diary was “stolen” was probably emanated from Ashley Biden’s lawyer, the same one who refused to authenticate the diary or arrange for the authentication of the diary. And as I mentioned on this show, every federal statute mentioned in the search warrant involves stolen property, conspiracy to traffic it, conspiracy to move across state lines, conspiracy to sell it, possession of it. If there is no stolen property, there is no case and there is no stolen property here. So I think this is now at this point, the DOJ has been caught with its pants down. They’re probably trying to figure out some way to get out of this by prosecuting somebody for this. But I just don’t see any federal crime here whatsoever. [01:45:01][51.0]

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STARNES: [01:45:02] All right, Harmeet, great work here. Now, Where are we in all of this? I know you’re representing Project Veritas. How quickly do you think we’re going to get a resolution? [01:45:13][10.9]

DHILLON: [01:45:16] Well, I’m only one of a team of lawyers. The main criminal defense lawyer for Project Veritas is a guy named Paul Cowley, where this case is right now, as Paul’s firm has filed papers with the federal court to get back our client’s property, that the DOJ still has to disclose those affidavits. And, you know, at the end of this process, what we want is a statement from the DOJ that our client never committed any wrongdoing and never should have been prosecuted for this. Somebody either in the government or outside the government or both lied to get these search warrants, lied to federal judges, and we absolutely intend to make sure that they’re held accountable. But first things first, this investigation needs to end. Property needs to be returned and accounting needs to be had. And then we need to start figuring out what to do about these civil rights violations. [01:46:05][49.5]

STARNES: [01:46:06] Alright, Harmeet, we’re going to stay on top of this. Thank you for the great work and thanks for taking good care of our friends over at Project Veritas. [01:46:12][6.5]

DHILLON: [01:46:14] My pleasure. Any time, Todd. Thanks for having me. [01:46:16][1.8]

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